Privacy Policy πŸ”’


During the therapeutic sessions everything said is confidential. However, there are some limitations as follows:

  • If there is a serious risk of harming yourself or others, my professional stance requires that I discuss this with other professionals such as your GP to allow further medical intervention to ensure yours or others safety.
  • If it emerges that you are involved in terrorist or criminal activity, as a professional I have to report this to the competent authorities.
  • Professional therapists are required to receive ongoing supervision, which enables them to maintain the quality of the therapy. During supervision, the clients’ sensitive information will be kept anonymised, and you can be assured that the supervisor is also professionally bound by the same rule of confidentiality.

I am registered with ICO and in accordance with the legal and professional framework and the Data Protection Act 2018, I will keep all your information securely stored and encrypted on my PC password protected database.

All your information will be kept confidential unless you give consent for your information to be shared with other professionals (e.g.referral to other Psychologists to Psychiatrists or communication to your GP).

In any case I would always try to discuss any requirement of sharing information with you prior to doing so unless your health prevent me to do so.

It is important that you also protect your data:

I might send forms or information through email. Be aware of potential break through data if your pc or email is not protected.