As a Counselling psychologist I offer evidence-based, clinically researched therapy for a range of emotional difficulties. I draw from a wide range of psychological theories and models, tailoring the therapeutic approach to clients’ needs and preferences. 

I value the therapeutic relationship as a place where clients can feel free to discuss and explore their thoughts and emotions without feeling judged. Whilst therapy offers many opportunities for personal growth, it also requires motivation and courage to talk about things that one might never have told anyone before.

The aim of therapy is to work collaboratively to explore and revisit life experience from different perspectives, facilitating awareness of potential unhelpful patterns that might interfere with one’s progression and or adjustments.

In my experience and understanding, events and situations could often shake us, move us or open possibilities to new perspectives in our life. Hence, it becomes important in therapy to find a safe space and support when we feel stuck or unsure on how to navigate through the challenges of life.