Initial session

At the initial session, if we agree to work together, we will establish your goal and the cadence of your therapy sessions. The length will be decided on the basis of your needs. However, we will review progress and goals regularly (e.g. every six sessions).

Although longer and deeper explorative therapy could occasionally appear uncomfortable, it might allow a greater exploration and understanding of personal issues.

Nevertheless, It is important that you feel able to express the discomfort when it raises to enabling an open discussion with your therapist throughout further exploration or adjustment of the therapy to your pace or needs.

In case your needs differs from what I could provide, and you want to end prematurely the therapy, it is important to have a closure session and a closure or referral letter for you and /or your GP.


  • Adults 18+ (individual)

Other languages (besides English)

  • Italian

Types of Therapy

  • Integrative
  • Relational Psychodynamic
  • Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Humanistic, Person-Centred

List of Issues

Rather than indicating a list of mental health issues that I can work with, I would like to highlight that, albeit I appreciate the value of diagnosis for medical and specific treatments, I propend for a more rounded understanding of human nature.

As a counselling psychologist I hold a humanistic perspective of the human nature where individual’s growth happens as a dynamic, relational, and multidimensional ever-changing process.

Individuals’ subjective experiences are influenced by the interaction with their physical, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions, both at the inner level and in response to their environment.

Hence the aim of therapy is to reduce psychological distress and promoting wellbeing by working collaboratively in understanding the origin of unhelpful strategies and developing a different more helpful approach to life challenges.

If you wish to find out more, I offer a 15-minute free telephone call conversation to identify your main goal and to establish if we could work together.